Sunday, September 26, 2010

Singapore, a special land indeed

After spending an awesome week of holidays in my hometown, Ipoh, Malaysia, I'm officially back in Singapore, the land...

...of fast internet connection! Gone were the days in Malaysia where waiting for Youtube is a pain in the ass! Unlike Malaysia where you can boil water, wash your clothes, eat a ten course meal while waiting for your video in Youtube to load, internet surfing is such a breeze! Which means Facebook stalking can be done in a much more efficient manner too!

... where you can walk alone to take a bus and not get robbed! It kinda takes the fun away though of holding tightly to the hidden knife inside your bag waiting to stab any suspicious person who suddenly jumps at you. Like they say in a Chinese proverb, the person who made the first move will have an added advantage.

...of great public transport! In Singapore, everything is transparent with public transport. You'll know where you're going and how much you will be paying for each trip. Unlike Malaysia's exciting public transportation where you can never guess the correct fare or where you'll end up going either.

...where MSG, salt and sugar are freaking expensive. Because all you ever get in Singapore is bland food.

...of extreme stress! SINGAPORE = Stress Is Nationally Guaranteed for All People (still thinking of what does ORE stands for). I currently have four dance practices per week, two upcoming class presentations, one short film in production, an interview of a kid assignment, a budget presentation and a shopping trip to buy some ropes and hang myself in my schedule.

...of clean public toilets. At least in Singapore you would not find public toilets decorated with artsy stuff like "Mr A was here 20/10/09" or "Amy love Majibun forever". Or toilets with smell so overpowering that in can be used as a chemical weapon in a war.

Ah, Singapore. A very special land indeed.


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