Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm a useless guy

Sometimes, i hate myself. I hate myself for not daring to speak up against something and make a stand for myself. Especially now when it's 5.24 am and there's this bunch of people who suddenly decided that they do not want to sleep and want to hold a very loud discussion which in turn, made me unable to sleep.

I wonder why i can't just walk up to them and tell them straight in the face to quiet down. Maybe it's because there's no one else who seem to bother about the noise. Or it's because i'm afraid that i might offend them and end up making some more enemies in hall. Or i'm scared that when i meet them, i will lose all my words and stutter through like i used to when i was young and end up being laughed at. Perhaps i'm just being too sensitive like i always do because no one else seem to care.

Either way, i'm stuck here doing the only thing that i know how. Ranting in my blog. And being unable to sleep although i need to do some charity work at 10 am tomorrow.

I'm such a useless guy. FML


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