Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When nerds wanna make love...

It's funny how Google tries to be helpful to you want want to search for stuff using their search engine. I was halfway typing my phrase when one of the suggestions jumped out to me:-

Answer: Watch Porn

I brushed that aside thinking what's the big deal. Of course, everyone would want to have a good time while having sex right? And of course, we want our partners to feel good either and not think of us as inexperienced people who only knows to to read books etc. No big deal. So i continued typig.

Apparently Google wanted to impress me more with the awesome suggestion tool. Straight after the suggestion on "How to make love", guess what pops up next?

Never too late to be safe huh? Those condoms ads must have work like a charm. I just couldn't understand what's the big problem of taking out a condom and putting it on anyway. After all, it's just like putting on a sock, or a helmet. No big deal.

Next suggestion on the list? 

"How to know if you're pregnant".

And i forgot what i was searching for in the first place.


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