Monday, September 13, 2010

FML, Channel News Asia emailed me!

FML, an internet abbreviation slang that stands for "Fuck My Life". A quote that you will say when the worst seems to be happening to you and you need a dramatic quote to top it all off. I had lots of FML situations before. Alarms that were not mine going off in the middle of the night, forgetting to close my windows when they came mosquito fogging, stuff like that. And just 12 am today, i had my best FML situation ever when i received this email:-

Names were erased due to privacy concerns
Hi Luke,

My name is [blek, you can't see the name!] and I am a producer here at Channel News Asia. I read your blog post in regards to the Brad Lau Issue. We have a section on our blogTV website that invites “Star Bloggers” to write about the issue of the week. The topic for this week’s discussion is on the food blogging issue called “You Pay, I Write”. We would greatly appreciate if we could feature your blog post on our website.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Feel free to email me or contact me at the numbers below.

Now, you would be thinking of how an email asking me to be featured in a prestigious television show would end up as a FML situation. Bloggers, after all, particularly me, all hope to one day get famous and earn lots of cash from just sitting in front of the computer typing nonsense.
Honestly, i was jumping like a kid when i first saw the email. I thought i could finally get famous after four painstaking years of blogging. All my efforts have not gone to waste. I thought i could finally achieve the ranks of Kenny Sia, Cheesie and Xiaxue (Ok, maybe not Cheesie and Xiaxue, but you get the drift). Until i saw the date of the email. And that's when my whole hostel block shook with my loudest exclamation "FML" to date. To put it short, the email was growing mold, so to say. It was sent almost one week ago.

Lesson One : Never, ever, use more than one email account, despite how others might say that using one as a serious account and another as a dummy account. Because you'll never know when a super duper important email decides to go to your dummy account rather than your serious account

Lesson Two : If you happen to be so stubborn that you want to ignore Lesson One, bear in mind to check your dummy account at least once in a week. Like i say, you'll never know.

Lesson Three : When all else fails, banging your head on a wall helps because it induces short term memory loss that makes you forget about FML things like this. Not to mention helping you to forget about the contents of the Statistics that you studied just now.

Now, if you would excuse me, i would like to go bang my head on the wall for the rest of the day to get this painful memory out of my head. Or else i could not bring myself to write anymore blog posts. That is, if i happen to be too late in replying the Channel News Asia email. FML.


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