Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Ten Word Wiki

Have you heard of the Ten Word Wiki before? It's much like Wikipedia where you can basically search for information about anything you want, from an ant to George Bush and to sex, just that the Ten Word Wiki is like it's title. You can only describe a particular term only in exactly ten words, no more, no less. I guess the creators of the Ten Word Wiki got pretty fed up with the host of useless information that you will stumble upon while using the old Wikipedia. Billions upon billions of words, from the history to the inventors to cultural differences to the modern societal impact and controversies just for one simple term like "sex".
The Ten Word Wiki makes life easier by shrinking it all down to just Ten Words.

Front page of the Ten Word Wiki  
The wiki is still relatively new however, my search with terms like university, Malaysia and school returned zero results. Not surprising, considering how many words the English language has. So i decided to be a small boy again, searching for things like:-

You can't blame me, you know. My first three tries ended up with negative results so i figured i might as well go for the more famous terms like those above. The all time favorite word, however, returned with a more disappointing result.

Other results that i found funny includes:-

And the ones that might stoke religious protests worldwide:-

I foresee that this Ten Word Wiki will just become favorite past time for internet users to drop by and just get some laughs out of it, much like Uncyclopedia and Urban Dictionary. Like my friend used to say, "These people have just too much time on their hands".


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