Saturday, September 18, 2010

Home Sweet Ipoh!

After spending more than six hours stuck in a bus and getting cramped legs after that, i'm finally back in my hometown, Ipoh! The land of limestone hills, great food, cheap stuff, pretty girls and also

Handsome guys!

Just joking.

Now that i'm back, time to indulge in activities that can be only done in my sweet hometown Ipoh. Activities currently on Lukey's to-do-list:

1. Enjoy the delicious local cuisine!
The famous Ipoh beansprout chicken!
After being deprived on sensory stimulating food for almost five months already, my taste buds finally have the chance of savoring the delicious food that only Ipoh has to offer. Being in Singapore finally taught made me realized why Ipoh is called the food heavens in Malaysia. Laksa (not the pathetic curry laksa in Singapore), Ramli burger, maggi goreng, Ipoh hor fun and white coffee are among the food that i must eat before going back to Singapore.

2. Hang out with my best buddies!
It's been ages since i last had a good talk with my authentic made-in-Ipoh buddies. Sure miss the times when we would do all sorts of crazy stuff just to pass the time. Time to catch up with some gossips!

3. Not forgetting my girlfriend too!
One of the main reasons why i'm coming back to Ipoh :p

4. Get some sleep
I seriously need to get rid of this pair of panda eyes thanks to my abnormal sleeping habits and excessive amount of activities in NUS.

5. Get more sleep
Because i really need more. ZzZzzZZz...

6. Produce an awesome parody video that goes viral and then i go famous!
Ok, maybe this one of the manic episodes i'm undergoing. But now that i have tons of time on my hand, i can go back doing stupid things i used to do! That is, if my singing is manages to stay in tune.

And amid all these activities, hopefully i can get some study time in! Serious! I even brought back two textbooks! Hoping to put them into good use. I hope.


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