Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You know you're a university student when...

Coming to university have changed my life quite a bit, i must say. Many say that university is a place for you to broaden your mind and find a purpose in life. They, however, forgot to mention that university students, especially those staying on campus, have a very distinct culture of their own. Distinct from other normal humans and definitely not an entirely healthy culture, to be honest. And you know that you're a university student when...

1. You have abnormal sleeping behaviour that resembles more like Edward Cullen's rather than the rest of humanity. You never fail to sleep after 12 am and 10 pm sleeping time is a thing of the distant past. And if you're one of the few ones who is trying to sleep at 10, you'll have trouble sleeping anyway because your hostel mates are just getting started with some sort of random parties.

2. Your dinner is now your breakfast, your supper is your lunch and your breakfast is your dinner because you sleep at 7 am everyday and wake up at 5 pm. Sometimes, you'll even miss seeing the sun.

3. You have two permanent eyebags thanks to the countless hours of sleep you miss trying to finish the endless assignments on time. And you realize that the two eyebags will stay with you for the rest of your time in university until you graduate.

4. You rejoice because you do not have those wear those uniforms that make your skin go itchy anymore to class. Heck, you can even choose to wear slippers, shorts and t-shirts to go to class because you're too lazy to dress up and you'll fall asleep in the lectures anyway.

5. You rejoice even more when you find out that it is not even compulsory to go to class and you can instead choose to get some sleep hoping to shake off off those two eyebags.

6. 90% of your school time is spent reading books. FaceBOOK, that is.

7. Coffee and Red Bull are your new best friends. And the matchstick too when coffee and Red Bull do not work.

8. Wikipedia is your No. 1 source of information, despite how much effort your lecturer put in to discredit it. And you Google everything that you do not understand rather than going to the library to find information about it

9. Rather than studying and finishing your readings, you're busy blogging about how busy university life can be. And if you're not blogging, you're reading someone's else blog about it.

I should really go get some sleep. Or do something productive.


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