Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tired and Sick

Why when there's a break up in a relationship, there must be one side who is painted all as the evil side while the other is seen as the all innocent one? Why there is sides at all in the first place? Can't a break up just viewed as what it is, a difficult decision that has to be made minus battle between the good an evil?

Why must the person who suggested the break up always be viewed as the evil one who does not give a damn about what the other side is feeling?

Fucked up, that's what i'm feeling.

If the world want to view me as an irresponsible bastard, go ahead.

If the world want to view me as a jerk who knows how to break people's heart, go ahead.

If the world want to view me as someone with his brain up his ass, go ahead.

If the world wants to hate me, go ahead.

If the world thinks it will be better off without me, go ahead.

Honestly, i don't see any point of trying to justify myself anymore when it comes to this. I may give a million reasons but no one will listen and take it to heart because you all would just believe in your own conspiracy theories.That the person who suggested the break up is always the manifestation of the devil himself.

Hypocrites, i would call you. Trying to act as the Prince Charming, consoling the damsel in distress about how idiotic the guy who dumped her is while you yourself is once guilty of the same sin. Trying to be good and caring not because you care about the girl but because you're hoping to score with her through all your actions. "Oh, i will not be like him because i'm much better than him", yeah, right. Statistics has sadly, proven way otherwise than your sweet mouth attempts at scoring.

Well, you guys win. I'm tired. 

Tired who the entire "who's correct and who's wrong" thing in this entire drama. Yes, put the blame on me. Blame me for giving up when stress and reality begins to bite in. Blame me for not trying to stretch the relationship as long as i can and hope that something good would turn out from it. Blame me for being naive. Blame me because i do not want to continue on the relationship out of sympathy. Blame me for being honest. Blame me for not keeping to my ideals. Blame me because i suggested it.

For all i care, the world could do better with or without me. I'm sick of trying to impress the world.
I'm sick of the world.

To hell with it for all i care.


Pardon me for the strong language used for this post. I just need to get all my frustration out somewhere. I'm never good with talking and the keyboard is the only one i can pour my heart to. The events this past few days has really given me the ^%$#%! And please don't come asking me in real life about this post, knowing myself, it would be too awkward for me to say anything and i'll probably just end up brushing you aside. Sorry. I just hope i can make it back alive. 


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