Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Note to God - Charice Video by Lukey

I'm currently addicted to Eminem's "Love The Way You Lie" opening, "Just gonna stand there, And watch me burn". One reason being it's an awesome song and the other being that's what i've been doing the whole day, burning. Burning DVD, that is, not burning myself, for the Ensemble Dance coverage. Which pretty much explains why although i have grand plans of coming up with an awesome blog post, i'm thinking of skipping for now. The 8 am class i'm having tomorrow does not help much either. In the meantime, why not take some time to watch this video that i did in my free time (or time that could have been better spent if i studied):-

I had the vague intention of producing a video that i hoped could touch lives of others into being more tolerant of each other but somehow, along the way it got lost. Mostly due to the thoughts of unfinished reading and "Why the heck are dreaming of coming up with a world changing video when you can't even finish your reading?". So, yeah, in the end it got pretty screwed up.

Anyway, i used the song "Note to God" by Charice because the song seem to bring out the message of why should we hate each other really well. It's just sad that i was not able to articulate the song's message perfectly in the video. Oh well, i guess there's always next time when there's less readings to do. And time to sleep too! 8.00 am class tomorrow! I hope the birthday celebration on top of my room would not get out of hand :p


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