Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Night (2)

Woohoo... Merry Christmas everybody~! Especially to the handsome and pretty readers of! Seems like I will not be spending a boring Christmas night after all (thank the heavens). Right now I'm sitting inside a freaking huge K-Box room in Jaya Jusco, Ipoh that can house 20+ people, blogging while the rest of my church friends are belting out their favorite songs on top of their voices (yes, blogging in K-Box, hi-tech lea).

The entrance to K-Box, Jaya Jusco, Ipoh

The room is so huge that they even have 2 computers here especially for handsome bloggers who do not know how to sing. Or read Chinese. Most of my close friends in Ipoh are Chinese educated anyway (I'm the odd one out being a banana) so whenever there's karaoke session, the songs that are mostly chosen will not surprisingly be Chinese songs. Which is why the computer seems like a blessing from heaven.

And the best thing, I don't have to pay. One of my friends from Church is treating us all, or rather the P&W team (i'm not in anymore since I'm now in NUS) and I just happen to be the guy who is lucky enough to be able to crash the party. The whole room costs about RM 400 something too, considering that tonight is Christmas night.

Alright, I guess that will be all for now amid the cries from my friends asking me not to be anti-social, so I'm just gonna go join them and try to make out those Chinese lyrics and produce a decent enough sounding song. 

Oh and not forgetting, Merry Christmas to you who happen to be reading this post here right now! Thanks for dropping by, I would love to give you all a Christmas present but since I'm not among one of the highest earning bloggers in Singapore (or Malaysia), this simple picture have to do!

Merry Christmas everybody!


YellowFlower said...

Dun worry lukey =) come back and I will give u a Christmas present haha.

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