Thursday, December 2, 2010

Planning a holiday trip

Trying to plan a holiday trip is never easy. That's what me and my friend found out when we tried to organize a trip a few days ago. Exams are over and we figured that a short trip over to a nearby beach in Johor would be nice and not too troublesome to plan. Oh, how naive we were.

Turns out there's hotel to book, activities to plan and transport to be arranged, not to mention settling stuff like what shirt we should wear all at one go. And to think that trips are supposed to be de-stressing. I guess those people who said so have never gone through the trouble of planning one themselves.

Being raised as an internet and technology dependent person, of course the first medium that we tried was to use the internet. That's the only way we know how to dig information, to be honest. Just Google it and everything will be fine. Big mistake.

Turns out that most hotels in Malaysia, at least a few in Desaru beach that we plan to go to have dismal internet presence. Not good if you only know how to book stuff online. There's even this chain of chalets that admitted to not having even a web page when we called.

So we had to call here, call there, been put on hold like 500 times before finally being able to book our room in a resort. And that's just accommodation.

To make matters even worse, i found out today that the hotel we booked turns out to be 100 kilometers away from our intended vacation place because the hotel happen to be a branch of the one that we originally wanted to book. We were so thrilled that we managed to get through a receptionist that time that we forgot to confirm the hotel's address. Hurray.


I used to think that trips were easy to organize and can't understand why someone would make such a fuss over planning trips and worrying about the small details. After being through the process myself, i finally understand why. And when you screw up, you screw up big.

So if you happen to have any friends who are kind and willing enough to go through the trouble of organizing a trip for everyone, give him/her a pat on the back. Or at least treat him/her to a nice meal at a nearby restaurant. Because at least he/she did not make a mistake of booking a hotel that is 100 kilometers away from your intended vacation place.



100Km.... wow

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