Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why indeed?

Ever wondered what are the most hard to answer questions in our modern world today? These are among the top questions that continue to baffle scientists even to this day, compiled especially by the handsome blogger at Or maybe these are just excuses used by lazy and unhygienic people like me to avoid doing stuff that i don't like.

1. Why bath if we are going to get dirty later anyway?
Answer like to cut down on the amount of dirt or because everyone does that doesn't work.

2. Why shit if we are going to shit later anyway?
Especially useful when your mum always forces you to visit the toilet at 10am everyday to "cleanse" your body of all those dirty stuff.

3. Why cut our hair if its gonna grow longer later anyway?
Visiting the barber is so overrated. Besides, you get to save lots of money in the long run

4. Quoted from my friend, Sin Yi Wen: "Why get laid if you're gonna have sex after marriage?"
I think this would make the perfect slogan for the advertisements advocating safe sex or to prevent unwanted sex behaviors

5. Why eat if you're gonna get hungry later anyway?
Okay, i admit that this is getting pretty repetitive

6. Why sleep early if we are going to sleep later anyway?
Perfect excuse for sitting in front of your computer from night til morning, like to blog hoping that you'll one day get famous


I think i should go and sleep.


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