Thursday, December 16, 2010

Despicable Me Shorts

I have a secret. I did not watch the movie Despicable Me when it was first released thinking that it's just another lame movie for small children. Yeah, that was the me trying to act macho, cool and all mature by branding the movie as a small kid movie just from the trailer.

However, thanks to 2 of my very insistent friends, I had the chance to laugh through the movie a few days ago and to be honest, I wouldn't mind watching it again just to see the antics of the minions and the three girls.

And if you're also a Despicable Me fan (like me), there's a few Despicable Me shorts on Youtube that is just as funny as the movie. You must watch the movie first though to roughly guess the what the shorts are about. Here are a few of them:


Hope you had fun laughing cause I did. Now, to steal the moon!



You know what? I kthought you have a pair of shorts with despicable me cartoons on it LOL it turned out to be the short clips HAHA FML I've watched the banana and orientation day, damn funny ROFL

Michael Ch'ng said...

Gosh!!! I need watch it.. I still not yet watch it

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