Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Win A Prize from!

They say that a perfect way to increase viewership of your blog is to organize a competition that is related to your blog. All you have to do is ask your readers to come up with something, say a blog post about why your blog is so good, and then give up a small prize that is somewhere between 100 to 200 dollars to keep people interested, and voila, people will be flocking to your blog in no time. It's easy, simple, a worthwhile investment in the long run and can produce sufficient cognitive dissonance in readers to create an internal motivation for them to like your blog too. It's like killing a dozen birds with one stone!

Which is why I've decided to organize one competition of my own! Since the number of readers in my blog have not gone anywhere but down, a competition organized through my blog should be enough to raise the number of readers of my blog to three digit numbers again. The only problem is well, being a not so rich blogger myself -- I'm only a student and not working -- coming up with an attractive prize may not be as easy as it seems. I've seen bloggers giving away free body products, keyboards, mouse and even cold hard cash before, but those are definitely no-no for me because my pockets are empty, honestly.

How about a kiss from the handsome blogger as a prize? No?

An autographed picture of me? No too?

Could a one day trip together with me to Bali worth it? Still a No?

Awhh... come on, I'm sure there could be some prize that I could give to you guys as presents. How about my collection of Crayon Shin Chan comic books? Yes? No?

Would it be better if I throw in my semi torn Doraemon comic books too? Still No?

Sigh. Seems like this plan is but a fail. How about you guys suggesting a prize that I could give to you? Something that does not require a lot of money? Yes? What? You're leaving? Hey, I'm just joking, I'll give out 10 dollars! Make that 10 dollars and 10 cents! Still no? Ouch.



:D Choose the winner of your choice, in return, you can write about the blog. :D


== to be frank..your idea is really......... bad.... speechless for this. later u not untung but bankrupt! haha, joking. just keep it up with your work. your blog is informative and fun to read la.. haha, good luck!


@roslyn: eh not bad eh ur idea... but for the prize to work i have to be real famous

@karmun: haha it's just an idea... can dun put into action 1st de.. and thanks! XD


Maybe give a Skype call to the lucky one. It's cheap and you get to know the winner more.

Why not give this a go?


how about owning your iPad for a week?


@vittoria: whoa a skype call? not sure if the winner would be happy receiving a skype call from me though.. maybe brad pitt but luke phang... erm....

@joshua: haha... which means u aim to win this competition d la? cuz if the winner happens to be halfway across the world... gg


@lukey you say the word and I'll blog straight away :p

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