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Eusoff Hall Dance Production 10/11: Til Death Do Us Part

Eusoff Hall's Dance Production (DP) is perhaps one of the oldest and proudest tradition of Eusoff Hall, one of the halls of residence in National University of Singapore. Each year since 1991, students of  from various background and specialization come together to offer the public an unforgettable performance of drama and dance in an aim to raise money for charity.

Eusoff's DP is a combination of drama...
... and awesome dance.

This year (technically it's next year since it's 2011), Eusoff DP is set to return again with yet another unique and creative storyline alongside with original dances choreographed by Eusoffians themselves.

Named Til Death Do Us Part, the DP this year is a story of romance, jealousy and tragedy, revolving around a politician, loved and respected by his people, who suddenly dies of a mysterious cause. Foul play is suspected but who is the one that was responsible for his death? Is it his political rival who wants to remove him from power? Or is it his mistress, who do not wish for her secret to be revealed? Or could it be his wife who would want him dead for reasons of her own?

Follow Riley, an ambitious but bimbo reporter who cannot seem to keep his mouth closed whenever he is nervous and the inspector in their quest bring the killer of their beloved leader to justice. Comprising of superb acting by the cast, especially the humour delivered by Riley and the drama between the mistress and the wife, along with a mixture of various kind of dances to illustrate the mood of the story, Til Death Do Us Part is one dance production that you would not want to miss.

The Main Cast, from left, standing: Sara Abraham (the mistress, Christina), Paul (the politician, Bradley), Aruna (erm she's not a cast but the director), Mehul (the inspector), Myung Sik (Riley the funny reporter), Neeti Shiva (the wife, Bernadette). Sitting: Andre (director), Marc (politician's rival)

The dance production will be held on the 21st of January, 8pm at the University Cultural Center (UCC), NUS. Ticket prices ranges from 18 SGD, 20 SGD and 25 SGD. You might want to book early to avoid any disappointment. And that brings us to the reason to why I'm writing this post in the first place.

You see, I happen to be a dancer for this production and we're required to sell some tickets to help support this production. And even if you do not enjoy drama or dances, perhaps you could take this as an opportunity to give back to society as all the proceeds from Eusoff Hall's Dance Production for this year (Til Death Do Us Part) will go to Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF) to support their efforts. It's like one stone killing two birds. You'll get to experience a fun filled drama and do charity at the same time. How good is that?

One of the dances I'm in called It's Not Me It's You, the third dance (there are in all 8 dances this year, fyi)
The second dance I'm, the finale dance called Celebrate All Night Long

So what are you waiting for? I have like ten tickets up for grabs and if you happen to be free on the 21st of January night, this is a really good way to spend your time. Do contact me at if you're interested in getting tickets to the dance production this year! You'll get to see a handsome blogger dancing!

For more info, you can visit Eusoff Hall's 2010/11 Dance Production website at



lol @ "handsome blogger dancing"


lukeyyy great post and thanks for advertising so efficiently.

just one thing: the politician's name is Bradley. hahah


oh and also, it's Marc playing the rival, not Malcolm. Malcolm is the character's name haha :)

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