Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dragon Age Origins (may cause addiction)

I've... been busy. Busy saying the world, that is. Which is why I hardly have anymore time to think of awesome blog posts to write (nobody reads them anyway) because most of my time are spent battling the forces of evil (in my case called the Darkspawn) before all is lost. Not to mention that there's this archdemon I have to defeat too and making sure that my two love interest do not tear each other apart in the process. I wonder how some people can have four wives and still live happily together when two is already such a headache to me.

And yes, i happened to be hooked on a computer game. It's called Dragon Age: Origins.

It's made by Bioware, the people behind another awesome game and trilogy, the Mass Effect series. Thanks to the awesome cut scenes, drama, storyline, gameplay and even the chance to bed one of your party members, I have been hooked on to this game ever since I picked it up. Games like this should come with a warning, you know. Something like, "Caution: May cause addiction".

One of the reasons that make this game so hard to put down is because of the open ended nature of the game itself. At the beginning of the game, you'll get to choose the race, background and class of your character, all would affect how the game will turn out in the ending. The choices you make as the game progress counts too. Like they say, you're the master of your destiny, on Dragon Age: Origins at least.

Another factor would be the intricate plot of the game alongside with the awesome cut scenes itself. The story of the game itself is filled with twists, deception, action and not forgetting love, in which as one of the Grey Wardens (the "chosen one", so to say), you'll have to decide the destiny of numerous conflicts that you'll come to encounter in the Dragon Age world. Would you choose to kill the tyrant that killed the king? Or would you choose to let him go out of compassion but risk the hatred of your best friend?

It's very much like watching action movies and drama, the only difference is that instead of Tom Cruise or Daniel Radcliffe, you're the main character.

Which explains why guys like me are suckers when it comes to game like this. I have already a few friends (female, of course) who asked me many times why can't i just stop playing this game every time they pass by my room. But when you're busy saving the world and everyone tells you you're the only hope, naturally you'll feel good and would want to continue on playing the game.

Games like this offers a sense of escapism to a world where we actually mean something to someone. It gives us the perception that we are actually powerful and we can change the world for the better. And of course, it gives us single guys the illusion that girls actually like us.

However, I don't deny the fact that excessive hours of gameplay are dangerous and there's a real life that we need to live in in which we're not the heroes, and that is why I'm not out back in the real world doing something productive like writing a blog post about the game I'm hooked upon and why games like this got us guys all crazy about it. Because all of us like to feel important sometimes, be it in game or not.

P/s: I hoped this blog post roughly explains to the girls out there why us guys like games so much!



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