Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Americans Are NOT Stupid. Or are they?

Just how stupid are Americans? Quite, according to this video:

Is it me or do the Americans have no time to read any newspaper, watch any TV or surf the web? Because there are a whole lot of questions inside there that I could answer even before I left high school. Seems like Americans are not quite a smart bunch eh when it comes to general knowledge, as could be seen from the video. Or is it?

Although it would be really tempting to believe that Americans are really that stupid as portrayed in the video (I know it makes you feel good, if you're not American), I do believe that there's an other side to the story. Not that I love America, it's just that in our age today, we should not take everything we see or listen to face value. Sometimes things may not seem as it is, especially when it comes to such a subjective matter like a documentary where the contents can be altered according to the director.

I do not deny that perhaps there are people who are as ignorant as those in the video exist, but I also think that there are a lot more of people who did answer the questions correctly. Perhaps out of 10 people, 9 answered correctly but the producers of the video only showed the stupid one for the video while discarding the other 9. And if he interviewed 1000 people, you would have 100 stupid people already. Then by throwing all the 100 people into the video and feature them only, you would think that all of the Americans interviewed are stupid because you did not see the remaining 900 who answered correctly. That's the power of video deception and mass media.

Or it could be that all the interviews were staged and scripted, meaning that everything is just an act, rather than the truth. A Google search of the news network that was displayed in the video, CNNNN, reveals that is is in fact a comedy program that originated from Australia that aims to parody American news networks. Think of something like The Onion maybe. And the above video was one of their episodes in making fun of the Americans. Meaning that the video was in fact an act.
Like I said, don't take everything at face value and learn to think critically of something that is presented to you in a way that wants you to adopt a certain viewpoint. Don't judge a video by its cover like they said.


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