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Uncle Muncheong's Awesomeness!

Living on campus along with loads of other people, particularly in a tight knitted hostel like Eusoff Hall in NUS have lots of benefits. One of it is the colorful life that you can experience in it, like Dance Productions, orientation camps, fun fairs and stuff of the like.

Of course, not all the events that I got to experience are on a scale that is as big as those mentioned above. Too much of big events are not good for your health either. Sometimes we just have a small outing to chill and de-stress. One of the said small outings is how during special occasions, we all get to go a special place to eat a special dinner which happens to be Uncle Muncheong's house!

The group of hungry Eusoffians waiting for the bus to Uncle Muncheong's house

Uncle Muncheong has always been a close friend to a number of people living in Eusoff Hall. Every year without fail, he will invite a small group of us for dinner at his house where he will cook loads of good food for us. 19th February, 2011 was no different. We again had the chance to sample the good food made especially my Uncle Muncheong and co. as a Chinese New Year celebration.

However, the journey to eat good food is not an easy one though. We had to cross some pretty tough terrains to get to his house, like having to pass through a jungle that is located behind his house.

 Okay, it was just a few patches of grasses but how often do you see those in Singapore right? The road itself was already creepy enough to begin with if you choose to cross it at dusk. Or maybe I was just being too cowardly.

I could so imagine a long haired lady in white standing there. Ughh... goosebumps!

But like all story goes, after a incredibly tough journey (for me, at least), our heroes finally arrived at their destination where good food awaits!

Yay, we're finally here!

With the notion of celebrating Chinese New Year as the theme of the night, one of the must have food in the menu is the 'lou sang' or the literal translation meaning live mix!

Yummy... seeing this makes me stomach grumble and my mouth waters

Looks like Cheryl is thinking the same too.

But of course, the live mix is not the only good food we have for the night. Among the line up of good food in the menu includes:

Juicy beef! Or steak! I don't know!

Duck! I thought it was chicken at first though

Mushroom with peanuts on it!

Everything in a plate

And the chef special for the night, cat sashimi!

Look delicious right?

Whoops, sorry, I think I mixed up the pet section and the food section. That's Uncle Muncheong's pet cat, by the way.

Now that we're done with the food introduction, I'm sure you are hungry right? Time to dig in!

Yammm sengggg!!

Open your mouth big big, then insert food in

And also don't forget to look cool with the food
Besides the food, we also have the awesome people to spice up the dinner!

If you dare drop a single piece of food to the ground I'll karate chop and chicken chop you!

Our handsome host for the night helping to prepare the food :)

And we have three pretty Korean girls to joining the dinner for the night. I wonder if my face is handsome enough to attract them? People did say before that I look like Yae-yung... or was it Tae-tarik?

Let me introduce you to Taeyeon, Sooyoung and Yoona. Okay I admit it. I forgot their names and those are SNSD names I used. But hey at least I remembered some Korean names

Too bad they're more interested in something more 'exotic' or special. Looking like Korean must have been normal, I guess. Which explains why Danny is more popular than me.

Our hot guy for the night, Danny!

Tips for guys, if you want to hit on Korean girls, be brown. No kidding

And so thus end another awesome dinner outing at Uncle Muncheong's! Everything from the food, mixing around and even playing with the pet was a blast. Except the part where I lost to Danny though. But still it was enjoyable experience. Can't wait for the next outing happening in April!



Is he yr lecturer? That's so nice of him to cook such scrumptious meal for so many of you! I want some too, especially the duck and beef, my tummy is hungry alrdy LOL


awesome possum! This post is da BOMB!


very nice pictures. . . thanks for sharing

greeting from mas raden


I want the duck for sure.


The cat photo is so endearing... =)


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