Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My CNY To Do List

When Chinese New Year (CNY) 2011 arrives, instead of spending it with family eating loads of delicious hometown food, I will be spending it alone far, far away from home. This is the first time in my whole life that I am celebrating Chinese New Year away from home and honestly, I am already feeling quite lonely and bored already. The empty corridors around my hostel seem to add on to that effect.

But fear not! As the ever handsome blogger, I have already predicted that I will be extra lonely when CNY comes and have prepared a to-do list in anticipation of the extra time that I have. Among the activities that I have in mind now that I have some extra time to spare:

1. Finish reading up all my untouched Time magazines that I subscribed

2. Come up with a totally awesome Valentines gift for the prettiest girl in my hostel

I mean literally

3. Learn how to play the guitar

4. Sleep for 24 hours straight

5. Watch all 200+ episodes of Naruto at one go so I can finally understand what is the big deal about this particular anime

6. Visit some places in Singapore that I have never been before now that Singapore is half empty thanks to the people that are going back for Chinese New Year. Perhaps I can go ghost hunting too in Changi Hospital

Okay, maybe not

7. Write a totally awesome blog post that will instantly catapult me to stardom. Time for you to step aside, Kenny Sia. Lukey Phang is here to take your throne!

8. Clean my room

9. Count the cracks on my ceiling

10. Go Geylang and check out whether there's CNY promotion there. I heard that the chicken....................... rice there is quite nice (got you, did I? XD)

The pimp, I mean the chicken rice seller in Geylang

11. Reach level 200 in MapleStory

That's me! Just after helping the mushroom king!

12. Stop global warming

13. Help to achieve world peace

14. Establish contact with an alien species


With so many activities in store, I don't have to worry about being bored now! Oh wait, I seem to forgot that I have 5 assignments due next week itself.


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