Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm Shutting It Out For Good

People say that loving someone is one of the biggest blessings in life. It makes us human, different from other species, they say. We are unique because of our ability to love. Personally, I beg to differ. To me, love is nothing but a curse than a blessing.

Sure, the feeling of love encourages us to have babies and propagate humanity, but at what cost? Wouldn't it better if we could just come together, produce some babies and then be done with it? Without all these lovey dovey feelings that come before it because all love do is to cause more troubles for us.

A good example would be the possibility to get ourselves hurt. Loving someone means opening up your heart, desire and soul to another person than yourself. And if the feelings are not reciprocated, which happens quite often, we feel sad, disappointed and a whole bunch of negative feelings. And when you're filled with negative feelings, you wouldn't want to do anything or say anything. You would not engage in your normal activities and you feel as if the world has ended. There are some who even go to the extent of taking their lives. All for the sake of love. So not worth it right?

And then there's the amount of physical and mental energy that you will come to use when you're in love. You'll do all sorts of things just to impress your partner and spend loads of time thinking about him/her. Most of your energy will be devoted to the feelings alone. Energy that would be better spent elsewhere with more benefits. Like learning a new language. Or studying for your exams. Such a waste of energy when you choose to devote it to love.

Similarly, time applies in the same way too. When you're in love, you spend a whole lot more time with the person you love than other things like friends, work or study. And it's not like you gain anything useful from the time spent with your loved one aside from making yourself happy only. You could so spend the time elsewhere doing something more productive.

Not to mention that love is also addictive. Once you're in love, nothing else matters anymore. Not your studies, not your goals, nothing. Only love matters. So much so that the feeling of love is no different from taking a drug. It makes you feel good for a short moment of time without giving obvious long term benefits to you. And if you're on it long enough, eventually you'll find that you cannot survive without being constantly in love and you'll crave for the feeling when you have none.

That's why I say that love is more like a curse than blessing. It has no obvious benefits and all it does is to jeopardize your otherwise normal life.
Which is why I'm shutting out my heart for good.


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