Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Many Meanings Of Sex

Since Valentines Day is approaching, I thought it would be great to blog about something different for a change and sex seems quite suitable due to the fact that many people are getting quite hyped up over this topic this year. However, it seems that not everyone share the same idea of sex.

From what I see, there are many meanings attached to sex itself, depending on where are you looking it from and below are the few examples of the different meanings of sex (in no particular order):

The religious: A sinful and immoral act, often used by the devil to lure you away from god, that can only be committed only after you marry

Malaysia's Islamic Department: An un-Islamic immoral act that only Christians would do (source here)

Liberals: No biggie

The online dictionary: An act carried out for procreation or for pleasure in which, typically, the insertion of the male's erect penis into the female's vagina is followed by rhythmic thrusting usually culminating in orgasm; copulation; coitus

The parents: Something that we prefer not to discuss. It should be left to the school instead

The education ministry: Remember to wear condoms every time you have sex!

The perverted boyfriend that is only out to get your body: Something that my girlfriend would give to me if she truly loves me

Girls: Something that is really gross. Ewww!

Boys: The ultimate dream

Women: A loving act that is filled with emotionality which you would only give to someone that you really love and would want to spend your life with

Men: Something that you do when you're not watching sports or working

Google: One of the most searched for terms on the internet

Forms that you normally fill up to apply for something: Male or Female

Doctor: The act where AIDS and other sexually transmitted infects another individual, if you happen to be not wearing a condom at the time

The porn industry: The act that keeps the money flowing in

Horny Businessmen: The single most profitable commodity in our world today

Drinkers: Something that you can easily get if your alcohol level happens to be high

Bitches: So what if I sleep around?

 Lukey: Something that you blog about when you have nothing else to blog, hoping to generate more visitors to your blog


Got anything else to add to the list? Do let me now!



XD I like the last 1!


Lols I like the last one too! ^^

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