Monday, February 28, 2011

Vote For My Pretty Sis Pretty Please!

Love is in the air! 

Not the air surrounding me though, I'm still very much single, handsome and looking for someone to bring some love to me but love is definitely in the air for someone very important to me and she's none other than my pretty godsis Eliza Lee! Woohoo! Claps claps claps.

There she is. Pretty right? Look like Angelina Jolie Chinese version

Aside from my sis, love is also in the air for KL International Bridal Mall, thanks to their official debut in Facebook (we all love Facebook, don't we?) and from 15th February to 17th March 2011, they looking to share the love too with couples all around Malaysia through their Love In The Air Photo Contest. Couples are invited to submit the most treasured photo of them along with a caption explaining the significance of the photo and they could stand a chance to be awarded with cool gifts such as a pair of Chanel earrings.

Since I cannot enter the competition because I don't have any girlfriend at the moment and I'm not sure if the organizers allow a picture of you gaying with yourself, I'm gonna support my pretty sis instead! Besides, if handsome guy like me enter confirm will clean sweep everything, so better to give chance to others :p

I was thinking of using this as my entry photo with the caption: Who could you love more than yourself?

Anyways, back to the contest. Like all Facebook contest, my pretty sis needs a little help in getting that pair of Chanel earrings and that's where I and you, my dear handsome/pretty readers, come in. Winners are chosen based on the number of votes they get and that's why I'll need your help in helping my sis raise the number of votes!

Of course, some of you might ask why you should vote? Well, firstly because both my sis and her boyfriend is deeply in love with each other. According to reliable eyewitness account that regularly appears on her Facebook wall and photos, every time you step into the midst of both of them, you could literally feel the warm and fuzzy feeling between them. And from what I see, my sis has never been happier since. So I figured it wouldn't be a bad thing to help them win the contest since they deserve it for being such a sweet couple.

Besides, voting wouldn't take long too. All you have to do is to enter a comment and click vote on the contest page and you're done. Don't need to do bothersome stuff like register or write and essay to vote, so it's pretty easy! Besides, you've already spend more time reading this post than actually voting so yeah, it wouldn't hurt to just spend a few extra seconds more to vote for her.

And voters get to win some cool stuff too! 100 lucky voters would be eligible to win a RM88 spa voucher from My Dream Beauty. Cool right? Can vote for pretty girl and win spa vouchers as the same time.

So what are you waiting for? All you have to do is head on to, put in a random comment and click vote. That easy. Easy peassy. No sweat. And if my sis do win, I'll ask her to treat all of you who voted a nice meal at McDonald's! So gogogo right now and vote!

Sweet right? If sweet then must vote!

Thanks in advance first!



Aww, the pic is really sweet (':


THANKS A MILLION KORKOR! btw, no need to click vote. simply just comment enough dee. hehe. THANKS!!! <3


Aaand im actually mmore interested in T&Co. necklace. HEHE. If i win, it'll be my birthday present from fellow voters! Bwahahahaha :P

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