Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Night Before CNY

In Malaysia we would have one entire week of holidays to celebrate Chinese New Year, even though the Chinese only contributes a quarter to the population. In Singapore where Chinese is the majority, we only have two pathetic days of holidays for Chinese New Year. Not to mention that all my lecturers were all cruel enough to set all my assignments due date next week. That's five assignments due next week.

Well, I learned that you'll never know how good is home until you are away from it.

Happy Chinese New Year people and if you are celebrating at home, be grateful! Or else I will make you eat the food I have for "reunion dinner" tonight for the rest of your CNY celebration.

Here's my delicious reunion dinner, packed with love into a white lunch box


elysplanet said...

found you through Thanks for the friendship. Yours is a cute blog. More power!

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