Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FS - How do you know whether or not a girl is already in a relationship? (besides asking or checking her fb...both didn't give any answers)

Just ask her, duh? If she's your friend I'm sure she would answer honestly. Or if you're shy, you could drop a question that indirectly asks her, ie like when she's going out, "Wow, going out with who? Boyfriend?"

(FYI, according to Lukey's love principles, knowing a girl for the sole purpose of wanting her to be your girlfriend, without first going through the process of being friends first is unsincere and greedy. So if you really want to be with a particular girl, get to know her first AT LEAST.

I'm assuming that from you're question that if she's attached, you'll lose all your interest in her. So what? A girl who is attached is not worthy to be a friend now? Just my assumption)



LOL I KNOW RIGHT??? God, I hate guys like thta...they keeps saying "Why don't girls like good guys any more???? bwaaaaaaaaaa"

Jerk off lah


LOL! hahhaha

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