Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sentosa Flowers 2011 (Loads of photos!)

Every year without fail since 2005 (I think), there will be a huge flower show happening in Sentosa Island during the Chinese New Year period. It's the perfect chance to catch different types of flowers all in one place, take great pictures together with the flowers and get squashed together like sardines thanks to the enormous amount of people flocking there. And as promised, I will blog about the event today!

At first I did not know much about the event, much less want to go there but a friend of mine who is a photo enthusiast and a girl (explains why she likes flowers) managed to pull 3 of us there for a one day outing. I must say that despite the number of people there, which makes walking  difficult, we still had a great time. And thanks to EusoffWorks' awesome 50D and a lens that I forgot the name, we managed to snap great pictures too! Pictures, do the talking please.

Natural Beauty (Property of Luke!)

Can you spot the bee?

It's Chinese New Year, so red flowers is a must!

I am looking at you

Purple amid a sea of red, or orange... and a little green

The over-exposed butterfly. Which is why it is advisable to always check your ISO before taking pictures

Other Pictures Taken By Me

The 3 pretty guys girls that were together with me for the outing, from left to right, Kirsten, Yanxin and Huang Hua.

Okay, maybe not so pretty anymore

Yeah, you better work alright! Or no lunch for all of you!

Okay I'm sorry I asked all of you to work, there's no need to do the "Talk to my hand" pose

How about eating eggs for lunch? No?

Or rabbit meat? Since it's bunny new year? I heard rabbit meat is nice.

How could you all eat  Japanese buffet without me :(

Holding on to the flower pot for dear life. Perhaps not a good idea to take a picture

All the way from Bollywood!
I accidentally turned Kirsten into a bunny!

Pictures of Me, Pictures of You (not taken by me)

The effect of asking me to wake up early, eyes cannot open

This is my girlfriend #1

My girlfriend #2

And this is my long lost brother. Look alike?

Handsome right?

Okay, I take that back! No need to make me work

Other nice pictures of the day (also not by me)

More reasons to marry an ang moh and get a cute son like him

Don't like sons? How about a daughter?

Giant green alien rabbits decided to invade Sentosa

Hope you enjoyed the photos! To see all the photos that we've taken, it's on Facebook

FYI, the Sentosa Flowers event will be happening all the way til February 13th near Imbiah lookout. I'm sure by the time Chinese New Year ends, there will be less people there as compared to when we went. There were a lot of photos that we did not manage to take due to the extremely long queue (yes you need to queue to take photos), like the two Valentine hearts shaped by roses, but perhaps I'll be going there again if I have the chance. It's an event you cannot miss!

Credits to Huang Hua who helped edit my photos and the photo rights belong to me, Huang Hua and Kirsten.


YellowFlower said...

the lens is Tamron 17-50mm lens. and BTW, the event is untill Feb 13th only...where did u find a Feb 30th?! =.=


Hahaha. Feb 30th! That's when I'm getting married ok!
Very nice photos by the way.


I like the second picture :)

Valerie said...

Wow, a nice place to visit during cny :)


What camera did you use to take all those photos? Nice shots, I like how vibrant the colours are (:


Oh many flowers...


Ahh.. I like the butterfly one. :) I am so jealous of those ang mohs, they are so good looking, haha..

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