Monday, February 21, 2011

To post or not to post?

With the recent rise of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter together with the advancement of technology, people are finding it increasingly easy to share their thoughts and what are they doing with the world. Unlike the older days where one's thoughts are only limited to a number of friends, one can almost instantly share it out to the whole world to see in or ever connected lives today. And sometimes that includes some of our deepest feelings which we do not often show it out in real life.

However, the ease at how we can share our thoughts is not without its risks too. People often forget that Twitter and Facebook is not the same as the diary. While the audience of the diary only includes the author, once you get your status out in Facebook or Twitter, the whole world can see. There have been cases where out of a moment of anger, relationships were broken thanks to a emotionally filled status update. It's like the saying that you should hold your tongue when you're angry, in this case your fingers, or you might live to regret the haughty actions that you took under emotionally filled circumstances.

Classic example of how a Facebook status update could ruin your life

Which is why many friends told me to restrain from posting crazy updates when I have hormones raging inside of my body. You see, like the guy above me, I tend to post updates most of the time according to my feelings. If I feel sad, I post sad updates. If I'm happy, then you could see happy updates. And if I happened to be pissed off, of course you could expect some shootings in my updates.

But truth to be told, I am one of the people who think that there's nothing wrong with posting updates on how you feel at the time to the internet. It's my form of releasing steam because unlike others, I tend to have very few close friends that I can confide in real life and if I don't get it out somewhere, I am very much afraid that I will explode. Keeping too many frustrations inside you is not a good thing you know.

Besides, I am that type of person who dislikes being double faces and that includes when I'm on the internet. If I don't like something, I will either show or say it out. I will not waste energy to put up a smiling face in front of a person I hate and then stab them from behind. What you see from me is basically what you get. The same goes for what I do online.

I dislike people who show you one type of face or to be friendly with you and hide all sorts of hidden motives inside. Even if they hate you, they would still pretend that you're the best friend they ever had because of your usefulness to them. And when they are done with you, that is the time when you start to realize that their true personality is not as pretty that you have thought it would be. Everything had been a lie and deception.

I personally can't do that, in real life or online. If I don't like, means I don't like. This is me.

Some friends have criticized me for being a person like this who cannot seem to control his feelings, I admit that this way of me handling things is not entirely perfect but this is how I choose to do it. At least when I choose to be friends with someone, I know I have nothing to hide and there's no skeleton in my closet. People would know what to expect from me. And most importantly, I am being true to myself.

But of course, I'm not the kind of people that will blatantly go around shooting people without mercy. It still depends on the situation. All I'm trying to say is that you do not have to hide yourself just because you want to look good in front of others. There's no point in doing that because even if others accept you, they will only be accepting the good side of you that you showed to them.
For a relationship to work out, others must accept you for both your good and your bad, not just your good, because once they found out about your bad, well good luck from there. And that is how Lukey works.

Although I may not have as many friends as others, but at least I know that all my friends are here with me knowing both my good and my bad and I don't have to pretend all the time when I'm with them. And that is called a true friendship.



True, sometimes there is nothing wrong with publishing deep and truthful feelings or thoughts online as long as the intention is not to direct insult at another person.

And as long as as people are objective and practice responsibility for their posts, then I do not think it is wrong to make such postings.



yea~ agree with shout's kind of expressing your real feeling to be the real you..Those people who love to hide themselves, are pathetic~ Be optimistic!! ^^

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