Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My New Blog Layout! (and funny exam papers)

Changed the layout of my blog again.
Was really bored today after studying 2 pages (i know, i know 2 pages is really little) of bio-psychology and well, one thing led to another and voila, you're now looking at my new blog design!

To give you a sense of comparison with my old blog's design, i've included a random snapshot of a blog similar to mine because i deleted my blog's old layout without thinking much. Yeah, blur me.

Not only that, i've also included cool widgets like Popular Posts and Related Posts.
Trying to make my blog more popular obviously. Not only that, this layout lets me posts larger size photos!

How about that?

Hope you will like this new layout of my blog. Have to really return back to studying now. Or else you would see my exam papers becoming something like these (click for a better view):

Classic example of giving up in exam

Desperate time calls for desperate measures

"But i was just following the instructions!"

Exam papers can be so confusing sometimes...

I'm guessing the teacher really likes giraffes

A similar attempt using a panda, however, was not as successful
Did not study for exams? Never mind! Just create a story of your own

I like the following example the best. He got 100 marks for his exam and still manage to get a "see me" from his teacher. Epic.

Looking at all these exam papers make me feel better. A little, at least.
Proves that all exams are screwed up and you have no need to pass exams to be creative. Hmm maybe not studying might not be that bad after all. XD

p/s: I wanted to only look for one funny exam paper but i have no idea how it raged out of control



named changed as well? Nobita's Diary to Lukey's Rantings right? =)




LOL this is hilarious :D


i prefer ur new blogskin then =) simple and soothing~ btw those exam papers are really funny lol


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Nice blog you have! keep up the good work =)

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